Vets and Staff

At Canyon Hills Animal Clinic you’ll find a skilled veterinary staff. People who love their pets made up of primarily animal health care providers, seasoned veterinarians, and veterinary specialists. We have an appreciation for pets as well as pet owners and a commitment to a meaningful relationship with them. We look forward to meeting you and here are some of the people you might be seeing.


Dr. Michael Turano

Established Canyon Hills Animal Clinic in 1974. Over the years, the positive feedback and expressions of satisfaction which Dr. Turano and his clinic staff have received from their clients have made their work all the more rewarding and worthwhile.

Dr. Turano graduated from The Ohio State University where he initially began his academic career as journalism major. The former Little League baseball and youth soccer coach enjoys participating in sports and outdoor activities including golfing, wakeboarding, and snowboarding.

Dr. Turano has two sons: Preston, a veterinarian in Portland, Oregon, and Trevor, a veterinary dental hygienist. His pet family includes five dogs: PomChi's Axl & Rose, English Bulldog Fiona and his two new rescued buddies Lucy and Angelina.

Dr. Georgina Marquez, DACVIM

A truly fun, friendly and intelligent lady, Dr. Marquez is not only an excellent general practitioner, but is also board certified in internal medicine. She is a Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine.

Dr. Gene Hofacre


Our Wonderful Staff

Trevor - Dental Hygienist  A graduate of Chico State University, Trevor Turano received his training in non-anesthetic dental care with Veterinary Dental Services from 2004-2008. Passionate about helping animals, Trevor, whose father and brother are veterinarians, has been providing veterinarians non-anesthetic dental care independently since 2008. 

Alex - Vet Assistant   


Paula - Receptionist 

Amber - Receptionist

April - Receptionist


Aimee - Groomer

Tony - Groomer

Kennel Attendants