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Dentals - Clean teeth makes a happy pet!

Our veterinary hygienists provide both anxiety-free and anesthetic dental care for, dogs and cats.. We have full range of animal care services. Our approach to pet dental care has serviced Yorba Linda, Anaheim CA for 30 years. Our teeth cleaning visits don’t end on the first visit. We will provide a regular teeth maintenance program to work at home. We offer quality pet dentals at a low cost. Please contact us below to check availability or for more information.

Home Dental Care: Cats and dogs, especially small breeds, are prone to dental disease due to tartar build-up. This leads to gingivitis (gum inflammation), and eventually gingival recession (wearing away of gums), allowing root exposure and infection. Bone gradually erodes away from the root, with the tooth becoming loose and possibly lost. Tartar is also a source of bacteria which can lead to infections throughout the body (ie: bladder, liver, lungs, heart, etc.). Prevent oral disease with routine non-anesthetic dental maintenance programs.

A post-cleaning combination of five steps is the best preventive program:

1. Brushing. Just as humans, it is important to brush your animals’ teeth regularly.

2. Oral Rinse. Highly palatable fresh antimicrobial formula for reducing plaque and freshen breath in dogs. Contains antimicrobial, anti-plaque and anti-calculus properties to aid in tooth and gum disease prevention.

3. Dental Diet. Always follow Doctor Recommended diets. In most other cases Dry Food is best for Oral Care and has the essential nutrients your animal needs. A formulated Dental Dry Food is also recommended, which is a highly palatable, specially formulated food that resists crumbling, thus gently scrubbing the tooth surface removing debris. Either feed it exclusively, or give about 5-10 pieces daily as a treat or mixed with regular food.

4. Greenies. High protein, low fat treats for dogs that help decrease the buildup of dental tartar and freshen breath. Treats are highly digestible. Not recommended for animals on low-protein diets or have food allergies to wheat. Give your pet these treats every 1-2 days.

5. CET Chew. Beefhide chews for dogs and freeze dried fish treats for cats with enzymes to remove plaque and prevent build-up of harmful bacteria. Give your pet these treats every 1-2 days.

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